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Empowering Expression and Nurturing Growth through Theatre and Social Emotional Learning

Teach SEL Through Theatre!

Resources for Teachers, Admin, Counselors, and Parents to Practice SEL In a New Way!

Brave Spaces Curriculum

Social Emotional Theatre's no-prep lesson plans to bring SEL into your school or program!

Choose between or 5 or 16 lesson plan bundles!

Technical Theatre Workshop Lesson Plans

There is much more to theatre than just acting and performing on stage. The active and engaging lessons included in this bundle offer a complete and unique introduction to elements of the theatre that don’t include performing!

  • Costume Design

  • Make-up Design

  • Set Design

  • Sound Design

  • Color Theory

Theatre Games

{Infused with SEL}

Practice Social Emotional Learning with these interactive theatre games!

  • Ice Breakers

  • Energizers

  • Community Builders

  • Focus/ Cool Down

Emotion Board Image Library

Help students begin to identify, understand, and communicate their emotions!

The use of these images will act as a visual aid for students to recognize and express their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Allowing them to more accurately and confidently learn to respond to those emotions rather than react.


“Thank you for creating a space where families no matter their background or struggles can come together and be a part of something! As a mother of 5, I noticed that my daughter (who was involved) was stuck in a bubble and had trouble communicating and socializing with others. Through this process I watched her come out of her shell and show her personality! If I could say anything to anyone who was thinking about doing this program it would be JUMP OFF THE FENCE! This is something that we all need!”

-Mikesha Morrison ‘22 Summer Program Parent

Practice SEL Through Theatre

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